I smurf you

We had a tough time coming up with August’s family fun night. It was scheduled to go to Chuckie Cheese, but we had done already. We went to Galleria and wanted to find something for DH’s new calling. But alas the store was no longer there since the fire.

We had a back up plan of seeing a movie. We had on the list Captain America–my choice and the kids had mentioned to see Smurfs. Well the kids won that one, and have been singing the songs since we left the theater.

Over all it was like the cartoon I remember growing up. I loved seeing it live action with Garamel and seeing all the smurfs. It was a cute move–definitely a DVD rental, and not a movie ticket price. I hope that the kids did learn about positive attitudes, singing, and teamwork. The kids all ended having liking a different smurf.

I smurf you . Smurftackoulus


4 thoughts on “I smurf you

  1. I Smurf you back! LOL

    I used to watch that all the time! I do think I will wait for the DVD though. I hope you get to see Captain America soon. You’ve been waiting for that since last year it seems.

  2. Sounds just SMURFY for kids. We’re going to smurf it down sometime.
    –Julie Jones (no you dummies…the OTHER Julie Jones ha ha ha)

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