First day of school pics





Look its the first day of school. I took all the kids pictures by a tree in the backyard. They all have their new lunch boxes and backpacks. KK and Ally both have matching ones.

DH dropped off Missy K for her first day of school, while I was with the younger kids. We will all be meeting up at the end of school today. It was bitter-sweet for me and my oldest is in Middle school.

I did take pictures of the kids at their desks but I do think that Ally and B-Boy might be changing.

I am pretty happy with all the kids teachers this year.  B-Boy has a teacher that I have seen on campus many years. Ally has a teacher that B-Boy had some years ago , and she all about communication and working together with parents. KK  has a teacher that Missy K had some years ago. The big change is in class size and after the walk, it appears that they will be doing the Pledge of Allegiance.

I have already offered to help out where I can.



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