School news

Well the kids are now in their second week of school. I have seen the routine start back up and now we are leaving earlier since Missy K is on middle school.

I have been helping out a lot lately and having fun doing it so far.

Today will be Back to School for Middle schooler and have already let with librarian about donating books.

Overall I have been happy with the staff and the Teachers there. This was taken by the principal and Missy K is in the picture.

 I have been doing the morning walk with my kids each morning and another Family Fun is happening this weekend. Can you Guess what we are doing ?? No it’s not Roller Skating. But something thats perfect for this weather.

B-Boy is almost done with some things in Weblos and almost close to getting some badges.

Ally and Katie  are both adjusting well with their new teachers.

Saby has been helping me in the Kindergarden room and also has been helping me make copies .


Just wanted to update.

Have a wonderful Labor day weekend


4 thoughts on “School news

    1. Weblos is part of the boy scout program. He is in his last year, before he will in the older boy scouts who are working towards their eagle scout.

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