Christmas Card

I have been slacking so far but we have been very busy lately. We are almost done reading the book of Mormon as a family.

We went and visited with my parents for Thanksgiving and had a blast seeing Amy and Grandma. B boy had a fun time with Uncle Thomas and playing video games.

Thinking over this year — many doctor visits for the kids. I broke my wrist roller skating.

Miss M has been doing great in Middle school. She has doing great and excited going to girls camp this neat year.
B-Boy is almost done with Weblos. He is this close to getting his arrow of light. He has been doing really good with school this year and very proud of his creativity.

Allycat is loving her school teacher, and I love helping in her classroom too. She is struggling but she has a happy face. She will be baptized next year and she is excited.
Katygirl is loving first grade , and making friends. She will be having her first principals math challenge this month.
Saby is going to kindergarden next year and excited. She just celebrated her birthday.

My lovely DH is still working hard with church and his job. Very thankful that he has a job right now.
I have been busy teaching the 15-16 years olds at church . I am still book blogging and enjoying it. I can’t believe that I have been doing it for 4 years.
I am very thankful for the friendships I have online and real life. This is like a christmas card of sorts. I think the best thing we have done this year is Family Fun and reading the scriptures.


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