Happy New Year

Well kids have been back in school. It turns out that 3 of my 5 kids have been tested. I don’t know whether to sad or not. But I am thankful that the school district is doing their job with the IEPs( Individual Education Plan) in place

New Year means starting fresh with goals

New Year means that this year will be big many events from Missy K turning 12 and then going into Young Womens at church. She will be also doing the girls camp this year. B boy will turning 11 and almost done working on arrow of light with boy scouts. His pinewood derby car is cut, and hoping for another fun race again. Allycat is turning 8 and that means that she will be baptized and getting her ears pierced.

This year all the kids will be in school and so I am at a crossroad to find a job or go back to school.

New Year means that I teaching some new kids in church

New Year means that I need to lose some weight and run more

New Year means that I need to read some good books

New Year means no visit to ER room again. I think during Christmas break with AllyCat and her broken fingertip made for such an interesting trip.


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