Spring break

Vacation has begun , and it’s almost over .  We haven’t done much that was big in the way of going places. We have gone to the park , and cleaned the house. The kids have been enjoying each other company.

With Easter just around the corner and the start of Birthday season almost here. Its been busy with scouts , and school for the kids this last month or so.  There have been some changes with school for Ally Cat and Katy Girl . They are at a new school and have been enjoying it. Right now its seems that I am a taxi driver in the morning. I end making sure that they all go their schools=4 and all before 8 am. I have been working out while they are all at school.

I wanted to give an update on everybody.

BBoy is almost close to getting his arrow of light.

Missy K will be going into Young Womens this month and very excited. She is doing well in middle school.

Ally Cat is at a new school and loves it. She is excited to get her ears pierced and be baptized when she is 8

KK is loving her new school too.

Saby is loving her school and doing really well




One thought on “Spring break

  1. Mornings must be crazy for you! I’m glad you get some time to exercise and do something just for yourself.
    I’m also glad the girls are enjoying their new school.
    Happy spring to all of you!

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