8 New things

  1. just finished girls camp with Missy K and it was a wonderful experience for all involved. I went up and helped with Crafts. DH did some rappelling  with the girls. 
  2. School is starting back up again .
  3. Visited with family during a Family reunion. We got to chat with cousins, swim, see grandparents, taste some of the local food, swim.
  4. Been working out still at 4 am at the gym. I did miss my High school reunion, but I am on track with goals.
  5. Been busy with church callings and getting ready for school. We have teacher schedules and backpacks and overall it has been a good summer.
  6. We did Sunsplash , and went to Pinkberry. We saw Avengers as a family. Gotta say we have fans of Iron Man, and Loki.
  7. We also had some great visits with family this summer.
  8. Missy K went to NYC & DC with her Grandparents , and she had a wonderful time. She saw Wicked , and even went to Palmyra . It ended on positive  note. She enjoyed eating in the Stardust Diner , and she saw Times Square.


How was your summer ?


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