September & October update

Kids have been doing well in school. B Boy is doing good in school. Missy K is also doing well too.

Katie girl, Ally Cat , Saby are doing well in their classes.

DH and Missy K went to Utah for General Conference. They drove there and came back pretty fast, and they both had an amazing time.
We finally got some more beds for the girls, and us.

Kids have already figured out their Halloween costumes. I have made a list new goals for me to accomplish, since my goal list got completed. This Sunday I will be singing along with my daughter some of the Young Women songs . There is a great message and my little girls all know and love the sing them in the car.

Yesterday we were able with Dh’s family at the park. It was great for the kids to see cousin’s and play. Its been a while since we have seen them. Also we were able to reconnect with DH’s aunt too. It was a wonderful experience for all. DH kicked a soccer ball into the tree and watching him try to get it down was fun experience for all.

I still am working out at 4am, and have made a new goal for me.

That’s it for now. I will update soon.


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