Memories of My Grandma



My Grandma has passed away. She was 99 years young. She always loved her pecan pies, and always had an opinion about everything. She was such a spitfire. She would always take us shopping.  She loved to do her nails. I have many fond memories of spending the night at her place,and swimming over near her apartment. I loved that she was always reading the paper , and sending articles to mom or us. 

We made sure that even though she couldn’t go into the temple , that  we did a ceremony so that she could be apart of the special day.  

One of my memories with her is that I was birthday shopping with her , and I entered this shopping spree through the local mall. I won and with my family we got to ride in a limo and we all pick out some new clothes. I think that magic entry was when we buying shoes 🙂 . 

When I got the call that she had passed on, I was wearing a shirt that I got from her. I also have a burgundy jacket that she always wore . I am glad that I have those items to remember her. I will always treasure my memories with her. 

I am glad that the last couple times we were down to see my parents, that we were also able to spend some time with her.


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