Summer Happening so far

Well B-boy is off my with parents for his trip. He is visiting DC & NYC . He gets to spend a lot of time with them.

Katie girl and Ally Cat have been doing summer school and working on their speech and math. Ally Cat also broke her left arm at school while playing on the playground.

Missy K has been working Young Women’s goals for personal Progress. One of them is to be be watchful of what you see and hear. Including the internet.

I have been doing the kids to doctor visits and working on girls camp. Being the capers leader …I had to buy a lot of  Toilet   paper 🙂

wpid-20130625_131332.jpg  Here are some of the things we have done over the summer so far. We went to the Oakland temple before we celebrated my Grandma life.  I have fond memories of doing nails and shopping with her. We have seen   Man of Steel and had Slurpee’s. 20130614_145753 20130620_143252 20130711_111348 20130607_105400


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