The Iron Rod


I have been thinking about Nephi’s vision and what everything means to me . What stood out to me was the rod of Iron, Tree of life and being on the straight and narrow path.

The rod of iron is the word of God. We can read the scriptures and study them . We can also read and listen to General Conference which is happening this weekend. We can also study topics that we need to grow from. During the vision , some of the people didn’t always hold on to the rod. They lost their way, and had to find their way back to the Tree of life.

The tree of life is the eternal life in which I think everyone is striving for . We all want to reach the end and hope that it was good enough. But the way to the tree of life is straight and narrow. I liken this to life because there are times when easy to obey Jesus and continue on the path. Other times the path is hard and rocky, and it isn’t easy to obey God. Also the mist of darkness distracts us from the path and we lose our way.

I can see this in my life . My mom and her brother were both raised the same way.  They both had the gospel in their lives but they are both on different paths. My cousins were semi active in the gospel , and now they aren’t going to church. My sisters and I all got married in the temple , and are active in the church. But not everyone holds to the rod. We have our free agency to choose whether or not we want to eat from the tree of life.

How does one hold to the rod ?? By scripture study, listening to a prophet’s voice , and praying all go in hand to holding to the rod.

This got me thinking well am I doing with the holding to the rod ?? I think at times I am doing okay , but other times I am struggling like everyone else . I think that there are times when life gets in the way. I hope that this weekend of General Conference that I can be inspired and hear words that can help be a better mother, leader, and that my testimony continues to grow.


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