Liking the scriptures to me

Have you inquired of the Lord ?? This was also brought up during the last general conference about asking of the lord.

Also while reading the story of Nephi and his brothers, many others things were brought up too. Nephi’s bow broke and they got the Liahona which worked when they were obedient . Nephi also had to build a boat so that they could travel to the new world. Nephi had some trials and during their time in the wilderness , and he ended growing a family . He did some things with the gold plates. He also likened the scriptures to himself.

Reading and studying over this block of the scriptures had thinking more about trials . I know that there are uphill and down hills with life. Things don’t always go the way that we want them to go. An example, I was praying to not bite my nails any more. This has been a struggle for me , and long childhood habit. My kids now pick at their nails too. I had an accident while roller skating with my family. I ended up breaking my left arm . I had a metal connector placed in my arm. I did stop biting my nails , and I have been better with not biting my nails after this accident. But I wanted help from the lord, and this was the way that I stopped biting them. Prayers don’t always come the way that we want them to come.

With this class I have been studying more and praying more. I have noticed a difference and I have been inquiring more of the lord just like Nephi. I have been trying to liken the scriptures to my life . I do notice that I seem to be more listening to the lord more. Conference was a great time to listen and liken their words to my life. IMG_20151004_111346IMG_20151004_140906


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