Pondering’s this week

Where your heart is there is your treasure . This sticks out to me in 2 Nephi 9 – I admit that for a time I loved getting Advanced Reading copies from publishers and lately I have slowly been backing away from getting books from publishers. But I realized some time ago that books are my weakness. I have gotten better and I donate many books to friends and libraries.

But I have also been thinking about choices and being on the Path. I loved President Monson talk about  Choices. We have the right of choice, responsibility of choice, and the results of choice. I make many choices throughout the day . Some are little ones like cooking dinner or making sure lunches are made. I also make choices with cleaning the house and my time. But I need to make choices or my choices will be made for me if I don’t act. I loved how he brought up Alice in wonderland asking the cat which way to go…she didn’t know where she was going.

I also loved Elder Ballard’s talk about making time for the things that are important to me. I am always busy with kids stuff, now work, homework, making sure kids do their work, and cleaning the house. I know that we need to finish up some things in the house. I loved this line — Often a lack of clear direction and goals can waste our time.

I just finished a book called Ice like Fire. Meira is  making choices  , and acting, and taking responsibility for her choices . She has to make some big choices , but she is thinking of her people. She does all that she can help others. She finally realizes what she has to do to help her people and herself. She also figures out who she loves too.

This week has been great for me to figure out what’s important and what my goals are , and I have been thinking and praying a lot more to make sure that I’m on the right path like Alice. I have set up some things on my calendar to make sure that things do happen.



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