Pondering’s over Alma 30-35

This chapter made me ponder over many things . Faith is brought up which is something I am thinking about doing , and Korihor and his discussion. He made mention that he wanted signs of things – in regards to the 5 senses.

Faith is something not seen not heard. Faith also starts out very small and grows into something. This can be be related to any of the topics that we have questions about. After listening to this block — I have been going over the that we need to experiment on his word. I need to put into the practice of making time for the temple, paying tithing, praying and if these things are not what he says what will happen. I can even put into practice my new challenge with this block.

I loved the description of Faith as a seed. I finally noticed that with a seed becomes a tree. Which made me think of the Tree of life. The gospel is the Tree of Life . Also with the Tree of life, am I holding to the Rod of Iron and on the path.

Also in the block was about Prayer– This was my Becoming project last semester. I did notice once I put the Lord first in all of my life that window’s were open. I also made a point to have a weekly temple day. I found that I prayed more openly in the car , and thought more about the scriptures in my life. I did put this into practice with my kids and prayer time. I also prayed over so many things and learned so much regarding communication with him. Prayer is the only way to ¬†communicate and let him know what is going on in our lives. He knows but we need that Faith to talk to him, and hope that he answers our prayers. Lately I’ve been praying over family reunion, finding a book, finding another job, kids doing well in school, DH job, and that we get a bigger house.



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