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Pondering over 3 Nephi 12-17

I heard some wonderful talks during the Dig Deeper portion this week. I noticed that they were on Prayer & being Humble. On my last project I did choose to work on prayer and I noticed a change in my life since doing this. I also have started praying out loud .

Prayer is so important because it’s a way to communicate with the lord. Prayer is also way to pray over things going on my household and for others that need prayers. I found that prayer is so important and I know that the Lord knows what’s going on in my life , but he needs to hear about it from me. It can be good things or bad things or things that we need, but He needs to hear from me. My prayers need to sincere, direct and simple.

Elder Hales brought  up Enos and his example the steps he to grow his faith. He learned the scriptures, and then he used the teachings in his life. He then had a desire to know more . He also followed the commandments of God , and then cried in mighty prayer. Prayer is a pattern just like so many other things that are in the gospel.

What does it mean to be humble ?? Humble means to give service , forgiving others , choose to go to the temple, confessing our sins and loving God. I wouldn’t want to be to made to be humble by the lord.

I was reading the block and something stuck out that there is one shephard. That sephard is mindful of things that we need as family, and I need in my life. I was thinking over this morning and how many blessings we have be given. I was realizing that I’ve been given some sub hours at the schools and I did find another job. I love going to school and learning and my kids are doing well in their classes. Things are coming together for the family reunion. So we have been blessed and we are working on our budget . So I feel that we are blessed. I’ve been able to find some ways to work on my project and doing good for others.  I’ve been inspired with thoughts for others in church and others.

My favorite song that I love from church is Because I have been given much and this reminds so much of things that I need to be thankful. This song always brings tears to my eyes because I have been given so much.



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