Pondering over 3 Nephi 23-30

I really enjoyed reading and listening to this scripture Block. Some things that have stuck out with me are Tithing and Good Works and Prayer.

Tithing is so important and I certainly don’t want to rob God. I have made it a priority after every paycheck to pay tithing first. I have faith that things will work out for us financially. But I always feel better once that check is written . Tithing is 10% of paychecks . We have made a point to teach the kids this principle too. Granted they don’t always get money , but when they do we make sure that they pay it. I have seen some very temporal blessing just because we have paid our tithing.

Good Works — what is it ?? Well it is a theme that is mentioned in the Young Woman’s theme that they do every Sunday. Good works is something that we all need to do. Since I have been working on  my project of Charity , I have been doing lots of service. Service can be anything for someone else in need. I like to think that I’m an answer to someone prayers. I do love looking for ways to serve others.

Another thing that has come to mind while I’ve been listening to these chapters. I noticed that these also focused on Prayer, which is what we need to communicate to the Lord. I also noticed that Jesus Prayed in these chapters and that wasn’t written down. My lesson this Sunday is about Prayer . I noticed that on my way to work that I’m definitely praying much more since its in traffic but I do have a prayer in my heart on my way home. I’m praying a lot more to understand excel and this math this week. I finally understood PMT , but I’m still struggling with Savings . I have had prayers answered this week , and I can see the blessings in my life.


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