Pray always

I have been working my Becoming project as prayer. I have made many changes so far and so far seeing a difference from . This scripture block from Enos really affected me. I also really enjoyed watching the Dig Deeper video by Elder Bednar about Prayer.

Enos prayed over himself then his family and then his enemies. I loved that he always had a prayer in his heart. This got me thinking on whether or not I have a prayer in my heart. I do notice that I’m pray more when I’m driving, walking, and even when I work. Enos had such faith in the lord.

Elder Bednar talk about prayer really touched me. I loved how he showed the right way to prayer. He talked that there is a pattern of prayer. Meaningful morning prayer and evening prayer are an important of the pattern. During the prayers we need to give thanks, understanding of others, receive direction . I think that I’m doing this but I’m still working on it.

More of the pattern is to Reflect on the day , recognzie , express remorse, determine a pattern to be more like Jesus and Plead for greater strength .  I think that I do this too but I need to be better and plead for strength , and pattern myself more to be like Jesus.

By having a prayer in my heart I am more open to help others and discern heavenly help . I have had some experiences lately since doing this project and praying more often. I have helped a friend for dinner, and being able to discern information about my kids . I have also been also made it a priority to go to the temple each week.  I think I have been blessed with work , but i love that this week I’m able to be home with my kids.

Pray is something that is work and it has to learned one step at the time . Some times I hope that my prayers are being answered , but I know that its the lords time not my time. IMG_20151004_111346

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