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Pondering’s over this scripture Block

I loved reading these block  (  27- Alma 7) and knowing that the sons decided that they decided to become kings . They would rather be missionaries to the other people.

I loved that this block showed more about the anti Christ and 20141213_200743also about Nehor. This block shows the way that Satan will do anything to drag us away from the light of Christ.

This block also talked about faith ..which is an important part of believing of things that we can’t see. I like to think that I have good faith in the Lord . I know that he aware of his needs. I know that he is listening my prayers . I’ve noticed that when I pray out loud , that I feel the spirit more. I also have found that he is listening.

For example, this past week I was asking to find a homeless person and give this person a bag that our Relief Society made for them. I was looking to do it when my kids were around. I saw a person on my way to drop off my kids to school , and was hoping that he would be there later in the day. I saw this same person when I picking up my kids , and was able to give him a bag. My kids didn’t get out of the car . The person was appreciated to receive it.

Also with this last topics with $$ , I have been praying to get out of debt. I also started back up doing the spreadsheet to know where our money is going too. I’ve even been praying to more frugal with money. I’ve have been watching the budget even more. I have yet to Christmas shop for the kids , but Birthday shopping is done. I also think to have the spirit of Christmas that the kids need less gifts or we don’t need to spend a lot of money either.

In a way I feel like the brothers when I go off to my part time job. I’m going into a place that has many people , and you never know how angry or upset a customer will be, but all you can do is do your best and be an example to those around you.

I’ve also been thinking over how God is mindful of all our needs just like those of the son’s of Alma. He knew what they wanted to do, along with what he knows what’s happening in my life and the choices we make every day. Yesterday I ended up working and I thought that I had rides for my high schooler’s taken care of. It appears that they were both waiting at the school. It’s a good thing that things worked out and I made a choice not to angry at the car pool person. I also told my kids that they should have talked with the other person too. But this was not a situation to get upset over .

This block has had me thinking much more and also with the topic of Family Relationships and how they are all interconnected. I love these topics because I have had some great conversations with my kids about this. 1153_12_journey-quotes-life-journey-quotes-on-pinterest

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