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Pondering Over Helaman 10-16

I’m actually the lead teacher and I’m teaching this week. I taught last year but I didn’t have the opportunity to teach for the Religion part of the class.

There is so much stuff in just these chapters but in reality 19 years had passed by and so many topics are discussed. The big things are Samuel the Laminate on the wall preaching and Nephi talks about the man & pride cycle. Also the good people are the Laminates and the other not so good are the Nephies. Also Samuel talks about Christ coming in 5 years.

What stuck out to me was the pride cycle and how often the lord blesses us , and we don’t always thank him. Also was mentioned was where your heart is what is most important to you. I can liken this to me — for a time I loved getting advanced reading copies from publishers and that made my heart happy. But slowly I decided that I didn’t want my heart to focused on books. While I do enjoy reading books , it’s not something I can take to heaven with me.

Another thing that stood out to me while reading this block was that in just a short amount of time that they were good , but things slowly changed . They became prideful , and didn’t thank the lord for anything. He blessed them with so many things . Also many people of that time put their trust in man , and not in God. I know that things have changed so much from when I was youth. We didn’t have so much social media, and clothes have changed ( not in a good way) , music , books. There is just so much coming at us. It was bad , but it’s become so much worse for the youth today compared to when I was youth.

Another thing that I also noticed in this block was the call to repentance. It was by both Nephi and Samuel and it seemed to be mentioned in all the chapters. Nephi made mention that having some righteous people helped it so that it wouldn’t be so bad. Nephi also made mention that he could call upon the lord for famine. Out here in California –we have had a drought for many years, and we asked to use water very sparingly. We have been praying for rain for many years. We aren’t back to normal yet but we still need the rain.

This block also had mention of Christ coming and all the signs related to that event. Samuel made sure that his message got out with the call to repentance and all the signs regarding Christ’s birth . Which was 1 new star, 1 day & 1 night , and it was going to happen in 5 years time. There would be many other signs and wonders at his birth. He also made mention of his death too.






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