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Pondering again Alma 42-63

These are considered the war chapter’s of the scriptures. I have always enjoyed reading about Helaman the 2000 stripling warriors , and how they were raised by righteous women. I also enjoy the story of Moroni and the title of Liberty. There are so many things that happen in this scripture block.

I think that I will focus on Moroni and the title of Liberty. He made a stand for himself, and his brethren. He wanted freedom. He is also being an example of what we should in hard time. Sometimes we need to be the lone person who disagrees with someone or walk away from a movie. Growing up I felt a bit like Moroni -there wasn’t too many Mormon’s at my school. This a changing area, and I felt like that I didn’t have very many friends. High school was tough , but I did have some friends, and seminary was a great place to make my testimony stronger. I was an example of the church to those around me .

Helaman and the 2000 warriors  is a good example of what their mother’s taught their children. Right now I’m raising 5 kids with a great husband. They all seem to be on the path, but I am aware that they can make their own choices. I hope that they continue doing all that’s right. My daughter is getting her Personal Progress Medallion this week. I’m proud of the choices that she done to get this far. She will be able to help her younger sister that is coming in this year.

My kids are aware of my project this winter quarter because I want to involve them in doing these things. I also think that a mother’s example helps the family with reading scriptures, FHE, going to church, prayers, and temple visits.

I think that I had a great example of a mother. I know that she isn’t perfect but she tried to do her best . I know that I was loved , and that she would help me out if I ever needed it. I know that things weren’t always easy for my mom. I’m thankful for a forever family.

I was reminded that there are no small callings in the church. Maybe it’s not my time to be in a leadership position , but I can do all that I can do to serve in my callings right now which is CTR 6 teacher , and a VT supervisor. It’s not my time yet,  I know that with big callings there is huge time commitment because my wonderful husband was 1st councilor for almost 3 years. He went to many meetings. I have to enjoy where I’m serving and have a Christ like attitude when I serve others. I really enjoyed knowing that Helaman wasn’t as big as Moroni . But I know that it takes many people to have a church meeting go smoothly.


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