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Pondering Ether 1-15

I love reading these chapters so far and I feel that I’m learning so much. So far what has stuck out to me is the faith of the Brother of Jared.  He was rebuked for not praying regarding a situation , and then when he do the right thing . He was blessed by his faith. He found 16 rocks to light the way in the barges so that they could travel on the sea. He also saw the finger of God . What great faith to see a finger and to know that God is man like us.

The lord must have loved the Brother of Jared so that he wouldn’t lose his language. Understanding a different language is tough on anyone. I had only experience with French in High school. I can read it a bit now and can understand some written words. The Brother of Jared did show such great faith.

While reading these chapters I see so much faith in action . From seeing a finger, to rock being lit up , and being in a barge , and traveling to a new world. Faith is something that works hand in with other principles in the gospel. I can think of so many but I’m going to focus on doing the simple things like prayer, reading scriptures, going to church. These are such small and simple things that we do and ways that we can show our faith. Prayer is talking to the lord about whatever is on our minds. Reading scriptures is simple thing but there is so much good stuff in their to read about. Going to church may seem like a simple thing but we can feel his spirit there.

I have noticed that by doing these things that I’m using my faith regarding my project this semester and with the other things in my life. I have said that I have put the lord first in my life and I have noticed changes within me and with my family. It was doing the simple things like prayer, reading scriptures, and  going to church . I do think that going to pathways has changed my life for the better and with this week in math I’ve been studying and praying more to understand it.  I know that using Faith is an action word and I’m using it daily.

I remember a song while I was youth — I walk by faith and it always made me cry and reminded me of my Divine Nature and that I’m a daughter of God. This week has stuck out to me with faith and prayers.



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